Supporting Employees, Customers and Communities

Commitments to Advance ALLETE’s Shared Purpose, Culture and Values

Benefits for Employees

  • Commitments with respect to workforce retention, as well as maintaining compensation levels and benefits programs
  • Agreement honors union contracts including our strong partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • Partnering with CPP Investments and GIP will create new and exciting opportunities for the ALLETE team

Benefits for Customers

  • Maintaining our strong customer focus as the region’s premier power provider
  • Additional capital will allow ALLETE to enhance our commitment to providing affordable, reliable and increasingly clean energy
  • No expected impact on retail or municipal rates for utility customers

Benefits for Communities

  • CPP Investments and GIP recognize the importance of our ties to the communities we serve and in which we operate
  • ALLETE will remain independently operated and locally managed
  • Agreement ensures ALLETE will continue investing to support vibrant and sustainable communities, close opportunity gaps, and help people of all ages live with purpose and passion